Fake news stops here! M-Flow has a no SMS policy for debt collection

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Has anyone received SMS for overdue balances from M-Flow? Do not click on any links; they are fake SMS!

Lately, there has been a lot of sharing about SMS from M-Flow urging us to pay overdue balances. After verifying with the Department of Highways, Ministry of Transport, it's confirmed that this information is false or fake news. There is no policy to send SMS for debt collection.

For M-Flow payment, you can choose from three channels:

  1. M-Flow website
  2. M-Flow app
  3. LINE OA: @mflowthai

Please share this article with those around you to avoid falling victim to scams. For more news and information about M-Flow, you can visit www.mflowthai.com or call the Department of Highways hotline at 1586, press 1.

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