Safe Methods to Charge Mobile Phones in the Car

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It is undeniable that a fully charged mobile phone is crucial each time we leave our houses because if the battery runs out, it will be difficult to communicate with others. Not being able to contact anyone in this day and age would be inconvenient or even dangerous.. Thus, many people have to charge their mobile phones’ batteries in their cars to ensure that they are always ready for use.   

However, charging the mobile phone could pose risks, and if is done incorrectly or improperly, the phone’s battery health might be affected. Therefore, it is always recommended to follow the guidelines below for safe charging of your mobile phone.

Choose a suitable charging device that meets safety standards

Before starting to charge, select the most suitable charging equipment. Some people might opt for cheaper alternatives to save costs, but it is recommended to use reliable and standardised equipment. This is because it is a safety matter, and it is better not to risk facing unexpected breakdown or even an explosion while charging mobile phones at home. However, if it were to happen in a car, the potential dangers are more concerning. 

Avoid charging batteries through the cigarette lighter socket

It is advisable that one should charge their mobile batteries via a USB port or to use a power bank for safer charging. If you choose to charge through a USB port, remember to plug the charging cable into the USB port first before connecting it to the mobile device. 

Avoid using extension cables

It is not advisable to use an extension cord to charge a mobile phone together with other devices in a car, because attempting to charge or use power with multiple devices at the same time simultaneously may cause a short circuit or a blown fuse. 

Remember to start the car before plugging in the charging cable

Before plugging in the mobile phone, you should start the car first to ensure the stability of the power supply’s current. It is known that when we start our cars, electrical current surges back and forth, so if we plug in the charger at that time, there may be too much current flowing into the mobile phone and possibly damaging it.

Pull out the charging cable before turning off the engine

Upon arrival at the destination, remember to remove the charger from the socket and your device first, as it should not be left plugged in. Leaving it plugged in could cause potential damage to your device.

And the most important thing is to not leave your device in the car when parked under the sun, as temperatures inside the vehicle can rise. This may lead to the mobile phone battery reaching high temperatures as well, potentially causing it to explode. 

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