Real-time motoring apps that every car owner must have!

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No matter where you drive, the top annoying issue is traffic jams, causing frustration. Wouldn't it be better if we had an app that tells us which routes have traffic jams so we can avoid them successfully?

In this era of thriving technology, there are numerous applications designed to enhance our lifestyles, making them more convenient. The same goes for driving apps, and today, we'll introduce applications that can check traffic conditions, helping you to plan your journeys more effectively.


Motorist, the ultimate car management app that every car owner must have! Not only does it excel as a platform for buying and selling used cars, but it also comes with various features to make your driving experience easier.

For checking traffic conditions, you can use Motorist features like 'Traffic Incidents' and 'Traffic Cameras.' These allow you to access traffic cameras on various roadways and view real-time traffic conditions.

Moreover, you also stand a chance to win a maximum cash prize of up to *10,000 Baht every week with the 'Vehicle Plate Win' feature. Just add your car details to your profile once, and you're eligible to be the lucky winner every Sunday.


Most car owners are familiar with the JS100 app, which not only uses radio waves or social media to report road accidents but also offers a diverse range of functions. These include the MAPS function, which provides a detailed map of Thailand along with colour-coded traffic lines such as green for normal traffic, orange for minor congestion, and red for heavy traffic.

Moreover, if there is an accident-prone area or a frequently occurring incident at a particular location, the app will provide advance warning with audible alerts when approaching that accident hotspot within a 1-kilometre radius.

Available for download on: iOS / Android

Highway Traffic

This application serves as a report on the highway road conditions in Thailand, providing information through both maps and highway cameras. It also displays various service points such as restrooms and parking areas.

Additionally, it can display the estimated travel time to your destination and indicate traffic congestion levels with clear color-coded distinctions.

Available for download on: iOS / Android


This can be considered a comprehensive driving app as it offers real-time navigation maps for traffic analysis to avoid congestion. Additionally, it allows you to search for nearby gas stations. 

Available for download on: iOS / Android

Tong Tharng Luang

An app designed specifically for travellers, it allows real-time traffic checking, monitoring of speed detection cameras, access to 24-hour emergency service points, and locating gas stations at various points for your convenience throughout the journey.

Available for download on: Android

Longdu Traffic

Many might be familiar with this name when it comes to translating English words, but this app is specifically designed for checking traffic. It provides real-time traffic updates covering the Bangkok metropolitan area and its suburbs, including major roads. It also displays traffic density, accidents, road construction, and CCTV images, allowing you to have an overall view of the traffic conditions and plan your journey more effectively.

Available for download on:  iOS / Android

BMA Traffic

This app is a product of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's Traffic and Transportation Office (BMTA), ensuring a higher level of accuracy compared to other apps. It provides real-time traffic information, quick route calculations, and optimal detour suggestions. There are many other features as well. However, the limitation is that the data is currently specific to the Bangkok metropolitan area and does not support other provinces at the moment.

Available for download on: iOS / Android

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