Launch of HRS: Hydrogen Refuelling Solutions, Hydrogen Refuelling Station in Europe

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Although hydrogen-powered vehicles (HPVs) are not as popular as electric vehicles (EVs), the development of hydrogen energy in Europe is still ongoing.

The latest development is the launch of HRS (Hydrogen Refuelling Solutions), a comprehensive Hydrogen Refuelling Station designed by Philippe Starck to be both modern and functional. 

This Hydrogen Refuelling Station consists of two main parts: the Fuel Dispenser that allows hydrogen-powered vehicles (HPVs) to refuel, and the hydrogen fuel storage for the station’s fuel reserve. 

The highlight of this station would be in the fuel dispenser section, which supports refuelling at a rate of 14, 40, or 80 kilograms per hour, depending on which dispenser model is being used. It dispenses hydrogen in compressed form at a pressure of 350 or 700 bar. It supports hydrogen sources from pressurised storage tanks (pressurised storage), chemical systems from water electrolysis (electrolyser), or pipelines and biohydrogen. 

The main purpose of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations is to prove that hydrogen fuel is a clean energy source and can be put into practice while providing a good user experience that is not much different from using petrol. It also aims to reduce carbon emissions and increase the efficient use of clean energy according to the United Nations’ agenda.

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