EVme Subs launches long-term electric vehicle rental services for up to 5 years!

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EVme Subs is an electric vehicle (EV) rental service created by a collaboration between EVme Plus and Krungsri Auto to further expand the EV service market. 

This service stands out with its 5-year subscription option for electric vehicles, which allows users to enjoy long-term usage, as if they are the owner of the car themselves. It also offers a variety of cars from all leading brands and premium after-sales service. In this year, EVme Subs aims to achieve at least 1,000 subscriptions. 

EVme Subs Highlights

  1. Drive like you own the car. There are no mileage restrictions with this EV subscription, and you can choose to buy or return the car at the end of the contract. 
  2. Pay ONLY one price throughout the contract. There would not be any additional charges, as the price includes maintenance, insurance, taxes, and other battery-related expenses. 
  3. Comprehensive EV care throughout the service period. There are no additional charges for services such as replacement car for when the car is unavailable, 24-hour roadside assistance, EV car use consultation, and many other privileges from leading partners. 

For those who are interested in using an electric car, you can rent one for a test drive before making the decision of purchasing at https://subs.evme.io/

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