How women can drive safely at night

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Driving at night for women can be a risky experience. In addition to the challenges of driving in low visibility, women must also be aware of their personal safety. 

The risk is greater when driving alone, as criminals often target lone victims. To ensure your safety as a woman behind the wheel, it is important to take precautions and avoid putting yourself in a vulnerable position. 

Drive with precaution

This is a must at ALL times when driving, but it is especially important when driving at night. It is recommended that you study the route you want to take in advance, such as the total distance, whether it is close to a community, what the road conditions are like, and where there are gas and police stations. As long as you feel unsure or unsafe, it is best and recommended that you find a friend to go with you or let someone close to you be aware of where you are going and what route you will be taking before you leave. 

Park in a well-lit area

If you need to park, try to find a well-lit parking spot. Avoid parking in secluded areas, because if something bad happens in such areas, it will be harder for good people to see you and come to your aid. 

When parking in a parking spot, it is better to reverse into the spot so that you would be able to see who is walking by. Once you are parked, remember to look around and see if you spot anything suspicious. If you feel unsafe, do not unlock your car yet. Wait until the situation improves before getting out of the car, or you may want to drive away to find a safer or busier parking spot for peace of mind. 

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Be aware of your surroundings when entering or exiting a vehicle 

Do not answer phone calls while entering or exiting a vehicle as this will be a distraction that takes your attention away from your surroundings. If possible, it is best to avoid holding your phone at all. Wait till you have reached a safe place before taking it out to use. 

Be careful when using your remote car key 

Remote keys are a convenient way to lock and unlock your car, but they are also a security risk. Every time you press the button, all four doors of your car will unlock simultaneously. This would create an opportunity for a thief to quickly jump into your car. 

For safety purposes, it is recommended that you use your physical car key instead of the remote one. This would allow only the driver’s door to be unlocked, making it more difficult for someone to enter your car without your permission. You can also programme your remote key or vehicle to only unlock the driver’s door when activated. 

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