Car key’s battery dies while travelling, what should you do?

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In newer car models, there is often a keyless system where you can press a button to start the car without inserting a key. This system typically comes paired with a remote key fob for locking and unlocking the car from a distance, enhancing convenience in operation.

However, it is certain that such remote keys will require a battery to power their functions. The key fob battery in each car model will have different lifespans, making it impossible to accurately specify when the battery will run out. Therefore, it relies on observation of usage or warning lights on the car dashboard.

If the car key battery dies while travelling, you can try the following steps:

Events like this can occur if we fail to observe or use the key for an extended period. Many might assume that if the car key battery dies, starting the car or unlocking it would be impossible. Let's see what to do if the car key battery dies:

  1. In almost every model of remote key fob, there is typically a hidden physical key that can be used to unlock the car. However, when using this key, the anti-theft alarm may sound louder as a security measure, which is normal because the system is configured to deter theft attempts.
  2. Take the remote key and tap it against the push-start button, then press the push-start button to start the car as usual. After that, the anti-theft alarm should deactivate.
  3. Replace the car key battery as soon as possible. Most car key batteries are button batteries that are widely available. Don't let the car key battery run out for too long because it could cause the "key fob forgotten" issue, preventing you from using that remote anymore. If this happens, use a spare key instead.

Having a car isn't just for convenience, it also comes with the responsibility of maintaining and taking care of various vehicle components, including the remote key fob.. If any part of the car experiences a malfunction, it could pose a danger or some inconvenience to yourself and others.

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