Don't park like this if you don't want to get criticised!

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Ever felt like this? Frustrated with people who park haphazardly, pull emergency brakes, park inappropriately, have friends reserve parking spaces, and exhibit other bad behaviors that occur in car parks.

When parking in public spaces, we should not park however we want because there are other drivers who also need to share the parking spaces. If we park without considering others, they might criticise us, leave notes on our cars, or in extreme cases, even scratch our vehicles.

Today, Motorist will suggest the parking etiquette that should be followed. Don't forget to apply these tips to avoid criticism from others. 

  1. When entering a parking lot, it's best to look for a regular parking space first. Avoid hastily double-parking just because it's more convenient for you, and causing inconvenience to other drivers who arrive later.
  2. If you must double park, avoid pulling the handbrake or putting the car in Park (P) as it will prevent your car from being moved if necessary.
  3. If you cannot shift to neutral when double parking and you won't be parked for more than 5 to 10 minutes, leave your phone number on a piece of paper and attach it to the front windscreen of your car. Alternatively, if you don't want to deal with the hassle, finding a new parking spot would be better.
  4. Avoid parking across lanes as it makes it difficult for the next car to park or open doors conveniently, increasing the risk of door damage due to cars being too close together.
  5. Make sure to reverse-park to align with the markings or barrier to prevent your car's front from protruding and blocking the main passage.
  6. If you're waiting for a car to exit a parking spot and you intend to park there, turn on your hazard lights to notify the driver waiting behind you.
  7. If you see an empty parking spot in another lane, don't swerve into it suddenly to park, as this might cause an accident or dispute.
  8. Don't send someone to reserve a parking spot for you before your car arrives. It's considered selfish and unfair to prioritise parking your car ahead of other drivers who arrive first.

All the points mentioned are things that can be easily done. If everyone understands and empathises with each other and follows traffic rules, it will help reduce disputes between drivers and make motoring more pleasant for all motorists. 

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