Have you ever parked your car in the sun until it was scorching hot? How can you cool it down?

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Ever parked your car in the sun for just a short while, and when you got back in, it felt like a sauna? The seats were so hot you couldn't sit on them, and it was so hot that your skin burned. The car's air conditioning was working hard, and it was also wasting fuel.

The scorching sun not only burns our skin but can also have a detrimental effect on your car. Parking your car in the sun for extended periods, especially in Thailand's hot climate, can damage the paint, interior, and engine. But don't worry! Today, Motorist has 8 great tips to help reduce heat in your car parked in the sun.

Open doors and windows

The first simple method is to open all doors and windows when you return to your car and leave them open for a while to allow the accumulated heat inside the passenger compartment to escape. This will help to lower the temperature inside the car quickly.

Turn on the air conditioner fan

Once the temperature inside the car has cooled down a bit, turn on the air conditioner fan without turning on the compressor to help push hot air out of the passenger compartment.

Wipe down the seats with a cool damp cloth

If the leather seats are too hot to the touch, use a cool damp cloth to wipe them down and lower their temperature. However, be careful not to overwet the cloth, as this could damage the leather.

Install sunshades

Sunshades will help prevent direct sunlight from entering the car, which can help reduce the interior temperature.

Install window tint

Window tint helps reduce heat and UV rays from the sun, keeping the interior of the car cooler.

Find parking under a shade tree

If possible, find parking under a shade tree to prevent direct sunlight from hitting the car.

Utilize an exhaust fan

If an exhaust fan is available, install it on the car window to help expel hot air from the passenger compartment.

Conduct regular car maintenance

Regular car maintenance is crucial, especially for the cooling system. This includes checking the radiator fan, radiator, and hoses. If any problems are found, they should be repaired promptly.

Parking your car under the sun for a long time can damage various parts of your car, such as the paint, tires, plastic, and engine. Therefore, you should avoid parking your car in direct sunlight for a long time. If you must park your car in the sun, you should use these methods to reduce the heat inside the car-

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