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asked about Car Customization

3 months ago

want to change the color of the car can this be done And what are the steps?

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Supatcha (Parn)
It can be done if the color of the car is changed more than 30% of the total body area. Must notify the Department of Land Transport within 7 days after changing the color >> Required documents - Vehicle registration book - Copy of ID card - Proof of vehicle color change - Application for amendment of items in the vehicle registration - Manual color correction form (In the case of self-painting) - Your car that has been painted a new color >> Procedure for notifying the change of color of the car - Submit an application with evidence to request the vehicle to be inspected - Submit a request for inspection with evidence and results through the car inspection - payment of fees (Correction fees for items in the registration are 50 baht and the car inspection fee is 50 baht) - Wait for the documents to be returned.

2 months ago