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about 1 month ago

How do you know that The car to be sold is not pressurized?

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How can we assist you?

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Supatcha (Parn)
Recommend the seller to check the following basic information: 1. Is the brand and model of the car that we drive are still popular in the market? Because if it is a car that is not popular, the price will fall quickly. 2. Lifespan of the car. If used for a long time, it may be difficult to sell. Because most buyers tend to want a car that is in good or like new condition the most. Therefore, if the car is quite old, the price will also fall. 3. Car condition Of course, it is very important to sell a used car. If it's an angel car Of course, it's easy to sell. Definitely get a good price. 4. Do you have an accident history? If ever had a major accident The price may have dropped a bit. Because buyers may have concerns about long-term repairs. Or the condition of the car is not like new. 5. A lot of mileage. The buyer assumed that the car would be very worn out. because it has been used a lot Therefore, the price may fall. 6. If the car passes that fall, add this, paint, etc., the price may also fall. Because as I said, most buyers want a used car that is like new the most. If it is a customized car, it will narrow the customer group. because there are probably not many customers who are interested in buying a used car The selling price may be lower than the non-gas vehicle. Because most buyers tend to worry about the deterioration of the car from the installation of gas. 8. Finally, check the middle price -25% and subtract from the above factors to see that. What should be the estimated value of your used car? and whether the acquired selling price is close or reasonable? Then consider trading again.

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