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Transfer of second-hand cars to the buyer What evidence is required?

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Supatcha (Parn)
1. Registration manual 2. Copy of ID card 3. Sales contract and receipt or tax invoice 4. Transfer request form and receive transfer With a signature. 5. Evidence of the acquisition of chassis chassis. If the old frame is imported abroad Must have an inbound shipment Invoice and import duty receipt If it is a copy, the Customs Department must certify the true copy first. 6. Receipt of payment for chassis or vehicle. The type and chassis number or chassis must also be identified. 7. Evidence of engine acquisition 8. Evidence of cab acquisition. (In the case of a car with a cab or a car body) 9. Evidence of car assembly 10. Certificate of stability of the car from an engineer 11. Evidence of vehicle owner identification 12. Evidence of passing inspection and testing from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) (in case the vehicle is in the scope of the TISI standard) 13. Evidence of excise tax payment

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