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How is the auspicious car registration number calculated?

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Supatcha (Parn)
Lucky car registration number Can be calculated in 2 ways: 1. Calculate only numbers. Just add all the numbers together to leave only one digit, such as MT 2022 = 2+0+2+2 = 6 . 2. Calculate both letters and numbers. The character values are summed up as follows. Character value equal to 1 is A, D, T, T, P. Character value equal to 2 is B, B, P, D, G. Character value equal to 3 is T, T, D, K. Character value equal to 4 is C. , th, r, j, r Character value equal to 5, such as f, N, j, N, M, H, H, d, l Character value equal to 6, such as e, l, w, o Character value equal to 7, including H, Fri, S. Character values equal to 8 are Y, P, F, P, F. Character values equal to 9 are L, m. For example, TU 2022 = 5+3+2+0+2+2 = 14. = 1 + 4 = 5 Help promote power, prestige, reputation. Number 2 has financial fortune. money pouring in Whatever you grab, it's money. Number 3 promotes prosperity in both work and finances. Enhance luck in trade and investment. Number 4 has high luck in negotiations. Make it easy to succeed Trusted words. Number 5, good intelligence, concentrate, safe driving. Number 6, luck in fostering. There are only people who help, kindness, think whatever you want. Number 7: Have luck in traveling, incurring, safe and may get a fortune from traveling as well. Number 8 is very outstanding in finance, made for prosperous trading. Wealth, money, number 9, travel safely without accidents There is a sacred thing to protect.

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