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10 months ago

Where do you get an international driving license? What documents are used

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Supatcha (Parn)
An international driver's license can be made at the Bangkok Transport Office area 1-5 and the Provincial Transport Office in every province. Documents used in making an international driver's license 1. Copy of passport books used for travel Edit page history 2. National ID card (original) which has not expired 3. A copy of a driver's license (5-year type) or lifetime public car driving license Public tricycle driver's license Private motorcycle driver's license (5-year type) or lifetime Public motorcycle driver's license which has not expired (with the original) license to be a vehicle operator according to the law on the Department of Land Transport which has not expired or a substitute for such license ***(With the original version)*** Depending on the case, 4. 2 photos, size 2 inches ******(not older than 6 months), straight face, without hat or dark glasses. No background image 5. Copy of proof of name-surname correction, marriage certificate or divorce certificate 6. Fee 505 baht

9 months ago