What you Should Know When it Comes to Inflating Your Tyres

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Tire pressure is something that many people overlook. However, it affects your ability to drive quite a bit. So how much should we inflate our tyres exactly?

The tyre is the part of the car that comes into contact with the road the most. If there is any problem with the tyre, it can easily result in accidents. The thing that we should pay attention to the most about car tyres is its tyre pressure, something that many people overlook...

Driving with underinflated tyre leaves you at risk of a tyre explosion. This is because the rubber will be weak or streaked until it is deformed, causing more friction with the road surface and eventually causing an explosion.

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Overinflated tyres aren't good either. It will cause the tyres to be too tense and hard, lowering their efficiency on the road as it gets too slippery.

Therefore, always make sure you tyres are inflated to an optimal level.

For general sedans your tyres should be inflated to around 30-32 PSI while pickup trucks should be at around 36-38 PSI. The optimal tyre pressure is usually listed in the corner of the driver's side door. There will be stickers attached to tell you the details.

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How often should you inflate your tyres?

There is really no fixed answer as to when or how often but as a general rule of thumb, you should check your tyre pressure at least once a month or every 2 months (if the car is rarely used). If it is lower than the suggested threshold, get it inflated quick!

Finally, don't forget to ensure that the tyres are in good condition as well. Cracks and balding tyres are prone to accidents so stay observant for your own safety and others on the road with you!

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