5 Reasons you should visit the Motor Show even if you never have a car before

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What’s good about the Motor Show? Why do people like it? Motorist checks it out to give you some first-hand insights! Let’s just say that even though you’ve never had a car before, we would still recommend you to visit. We guarantee it’ll be a good experience!

Bangkok International Motor Show is also known as the “Motor Show” which has caused some confusion as people mistake it for the Thailand International Motor Expo, another seasonal car show.

Normally, Motor Show will be set up around last week of March till the first week of April at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani, a good location with plenty of space to display the cars and accommodate a large number of visitors.

Many people might wonder why Motor Show always gets good attention with many people attending the event every year. Motorist was skeptical as well, so let’s go to the area to see for ourselves what all the hype was about.

1. All brands in one place

Don’t waste your time visiting multiple showrooms, just go to Motor Show and you can see all car brands here in one day. There are more than 10 famous car brands on display at the event!

2. Experience the real car before making a purchase

Of course, when deciding to buy a car, just looking at pictures is not enough. Ideally, you would like to be able to see and try the real thing first because sometimes you see in the picture and like it, but when you experience the real one you might feel like it’s not the right one. Therefore, coming to the Motor Show to do a preliminary test first.

3. Event-exclusive deals

It’s something that many people look forward to because the promotions are very good. These special promotions are only available to customers who have reserved a car at the event or some brands have a condition that at the time of the Motor Show customers can receive the same promotions as in the event if they reserve at the showroom as usual. In addition, if you can’t make a decision at the event, you can go to the showroom again (within the time the event is still running) and inform the sales staff that you have already visited the Motor Show to receive the same promotions at the event *Conditions depend on each brand.

4. Able to reserve a new car before anyone else

Other than the usual cars, the Motor Show also features the latest cars to be introduced at the event as well which you will see and experience before anyone else. And if you like it, you can reserve it at the event. You don’t have to wait for the official launch date.

5. Car Salesmen always giving advice

Even if you have no experience buying a car or driving it. Buying a car at the Motor Show is not as difficult as you think because each brand has a lot of salesmen to consult one on one with. Just tell them your usage needs, e.g. focusing on driving in the city, focusing on luggage capacity, or focusing on traveling long distances, etc., the salesmen will then help suggest the car that best suits your needs with good promotion if you make a reservation at the event.

Actually, in the Motor Show it’s not just a car show, but also includes many motorbikes and automotive-related products and services booths. It can be said that one event is complete. Try it once and you’ll be fascinated.

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