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Is your car license plate fading? Fret not, you won't have to pay to get it repainted yourself, the Department of Transportation is providing plate painting services for free!

Every vehicle is required by law to have a license plate displayed. Of course, the license plate will go through the rain and shine with so, it's not surprising to see its color fade over time.

When the color begins to fade, you should get it repainted quickly because the license plate needs to be able to see the letters and numbers clearly. If the color is pale, it will make it difficult to identify the car. However, it will cost you about 205 baht to get it repainted.

If anyone is thinking of fixing it yourself by painting black ink over the numberings, please sto because it is considered an offense under the Motor Vehicle Act Concealed base or intentional modification of vehicle registration. In addition, you should not use a pale license plate for a long time because it will be considered an offense under the law. You can be charged up to 2,000 baht for using a damaged license plate.

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But good news! The Department of Transportation has now extended the time period for you to get your faded license plate repainted for free until December 29, 2022 (within official days and times). The Department of Land Transport will issue a letter informing the owner of the vehicle to get the license plate repainted. Alternatively, the car owner can check the license plate category on the website to see if you qualify. If your license plate is in that category, you are able to bring the license plate to be painted without a car book from the Department of Transportation.

The documents required to receive a new license plate paint coating service for free are:

  1. An original or a copy of the vehicle registration manual
  2. The original identity card of the owner of the vehicle
  3. Power of attorney (In the event that the car owner is unable to proceed by himself) along with a copy of the identity card of the authorized person and the attorney

The owner of the car can apply for a free license plate coating at Building 7, Department of Land Transport. If the day's not convenient for you, you can contact the transport office in the area where the car was registered. The transport office will get the license plate to be coated with the color that the Department of Land Transport provides and return it within 7 working days.

But before you bring the license plate over, please clean it first and ensure that it is in good condition. No damage, warping, or drilling any holes, otherwise, you will have to pay another 100 baht to buy a new sign.

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