Can I Still Sell A Car That Is Over 10 Years Old?

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Will I have trouble finding buyers for a car that is more than a decade old?

Let’s say you currently own a vehicle that is more than a decade old, and you’ve been toying with the idea of offloading your car. But you have your reservations - and logically so too. 

After all, is there really a resale market for these used cars?

A TLDR, there are people specifically searching for these vehicles. Some buyers just do not want to contend with lengthy new car payments, or just need a spare vehicle. Though having said that, you do have to bear the financial consequences of a decade’s worth of wear-and-tear, and of depreciation.

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How Can I Increase The Resale Value Of My Car?

To maximize the price you’d get for offering your vehicle up for sale, you may want to ensure that it meets the following criteria.

1. Ensure Major Mechanical Systems Are Operational

Buyers are more willing to pay for a vehicle that does not require any major repair work - an engine with a clean bill of health just makes more fiscal sense for its new owner. 

An engine malfunction means that you’d probably be better off scrapping your car. It is more hassle to recondition your vehicle prior to putting it up on the used car market. Having said that, the value of the scrapped car will be assessed according to the condition itself.

2. Keep The Car In Decent Overall Aesthetic Condition

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Buyers are willing to pay more for a car that is in good aesthetic nick. Afterall, you really do not want your neighbors or co-workers to see you getting out of a tatty car right?

Where possible, make sure you take care of all the minor dings and dents, and keep the interior spick and span, and free of any foul or musty smells! An aged car needs more work to make good again!

3. Offer Additional Equipment And / Or Spare Parts

Most sellers choose to not include spare parts and/or other aftermarket items in the sale of their vehicles. If you have no intention to use it on your next vehicle, why not bundle these bits up and save the next owner the hassle of having to source for them?

Doing so will create the illusion of better value, which should theoretically lead to an easier sale. Less haggling come sale time - what’s not to like?

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