Selling a car to a dealer vs a direct buyer

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Are you looking to sell your car off for the best possible price? Read on to find out more!

Who should you sell your car to so that you can fetch the best price? In order to not get shortchanged when selling your vehicle, you’ll need to know the difference between offloading your car to a dealer or to a direct buyer. 

Selling a car to a general buyer

You’ll be able to negotiate a price more easily, or perhaps get a final sales figure closer to what you had in mind. But you’ll have to prepare all the documents on your own and also figure out a way to actually promote the sales listing.

As such, you may not be able to sell your car as quickly. Buyers may also not have the cash to pay a lump sum up front, and it can be difficult to follow up if there are problems down the line. 

Selling a car to a dealer

The pros with this method is that they’d be able to transfer you a lump sum right away. As there will be proper paperwork, a reliable paper trace will make for easy follow up. However, you’ll be selling your vehicle for a reduced price.

Dealers have expertise in car prices, and also have in-depth knowledge about the vehicles. They make take advantage of you if you have not done your homework. Moreover, you may also need to drive to numerous dealers to receive car value appraisals to see which brand offers you the best price.

But you’ll no longer have to live with compromises if you wish to sell your vehicle. 

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