How Many Types of Tire Recap Are There?

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Blowout or tire burst: Which type of tire recap should you choose?

Car tires can deteriorate over time: whether due to natural wear or unforeseen events that lead to a flat, burst, or sudden deflation, tire patching becomes essential for recovery and continued use. So, which type of tire patch should you choose?

Tire repairing is a preliminary sealing process to provide temporary reinforcement, allowing the tire to continue functioning. Different types of tire repairs come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it's important to choose a suitable tire repairing method.

Tire recapping comes in a total of three types:

1. Worm patching or plug patching is a temporary tire repair method, allows the vehicle to continue driving for a certain distance. This type of patching is often used for punctures or sharp objects and is commonly applied to motorcycles. It is easy to find the necessary equipment, takes a short time to complete, and does not require removing the wheel.

2. Hot patching is a method of tire repair often used for smaller punctures caused by nails, screws, metal shards, or glass fragments. This method involves removing the wheel to access the inner part of the tire and using heat to melt the patch material and fuse it with the tire. Hot patching provides better durability compared to plug patching.

However, a disadvantage of hot patching is that the heat can potentially damage the tire's rubber, leading to issues such as hardened rubber around the patched area, swelling, deformation, or causing vibration even after wheel balancing.

3. Cold patching is a method of tire repair similar to hot patching, but with the key difference that it doesn't involve the use of heat. The process starts by buffing the damaged area of the tire's surface to prepare it, followed by applying a special cold patching adhesive and attaching a small rubber patch to seal the puncture. This method provides similar durability to hot patching but without the risk of damaging the tire's rubber.

The tires of a vehicle are another crucial component that should not be overlooked. Even a minor issue with the tires can potentially lead to a major accident. Therefore, if you notice any abnormalities or problems with your vehicle's tires, it's important to promptly identify the cause and address it.

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