Percentage Tyres vs. New Tyres: Which One to Choose?

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As the time to change your car tyres approaches, which type of tyre should you choose – "Percentage Tyres" or "New Tyres"? 

Every component of a car has its own lifespan. After covering a certain distance or after a certain period has elapsed, it must be replaced for safe and efficient use. If these components experience damage or wear, but you continue to use them, you risk quicker deterioration of the car's performance, or it could even pose a threat to your personal safety. 

This is especially true of the tyres, which are crucial components for driving. If the tyres are worn out or have reached the replacement period, it's important to choose the right type of tyres between percentage tyres or new ones.

What are Percentage Tyres?

Many people might wonder what percentage tyres are, and how they look like. In fact, a percentage tyre does not have a significantly different appearance from regular tyres. The distinction lies not in their visual design but rather in the origin and purpose of the tires.

Percentage tyres come from various sources, including:

  1. Used tires are tires that have been previously used, but the original owner may not like the tread pattern or might want to switch to new tyres that suit their preferences and usage better. They then sell these tyres to various automotive shops and outlets. The tyres are still in good condition and usable, without any functional issues.
  2. Red-label tyres, also known as "take-off" tyres, are very similar to the first scenario. In this case, the vehicle owner might not prefer the tyres that originally came with the vehicle from the factory. As a result, they immediately sell these tyres to purchase new ones. These tyres haven't been used at all and are practically brand new, with a condition close to 100%.
  3. Imported tyres are second-hand tires that are imported from various countries. These countries typically have stringent inspection standards for vehicles, including tyres. If, after evaluation, it's determined that the tyres need replacement, the vehicle owner must change them accordingly. However, there's no need to worry that the replacement tyres ordered will be already damaged. The need for replacement might arise due to expiration dates or the tyres not being suitable for the road conditions in that specific country. These imported tyres can still be used normally in Thailand and are in good condition.

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The advantage of used tyres is that they usually come at a lower price compared to brand-new tyres. However, the price difference depends on the condition of the used tyre, which can vary. If the used tyre is still in relatively good condition, the price difference from a new tyre might not be significant. 

For those interested in choosing used tyres, it's recommended to use them temporarily or as spare tyres rather than for the long term. This is because used tyres generally have a shorter lifespan compared to new tyres.

Key points to thoroughly inspect when purchasing used tyres:

  • Tread depth is consistent and adequate.
  • Tyre structure is not distorted.
  • No visible cuts, bulges, blisters, or leaks on the tyre.
  • Rubber compound remains soft and not hardened.
  • No evidence of tampering, like removed numbers or letters on the sidewall.
  • Manufacturing date should not be more than 3 years from the purchase date.
Brand-new tyres

New tyres are the ones that come as original equipment with a vehicle, manufactured freshly in the same year. Undoubtedly, the advantages of new tyres include quality assurance, reliable performance, and a longer lifespan. However, these benefits often come at a higher cost compared to other options.

In conclusion, we cannot definitively declare which type of tyres is better than the other. The choice should be based on individual budget and usage requirements. It's important to select tyres that are suitable for your vehicle and the road conditions you frequently encounter. Making a decision in line with these factors will be the most beneficial.

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