What is “stop-using car” notification? Why is it necessary to notify?

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When a car is not in use for an extended period or is left parked without any action, it is advisable to proceed with the “stop-using car” notification before the vehicle exceeds the tax exemption period of 3 years.

This prevents the licence plate from being cancelled and avoids the possibility of backdated tax collection.

What is “stop-using car” notification?

This is the process of informing the authorities about suspending the use of a vehicle to exempt it from annual taxes. Additionally, it allows for the possibility of reusing the registration in the future. The notification to stop using a car is categorised into two types.

1. Temporary Non-use Notification

In cases where a vehicle is temporarily unusable due to damage but will continue to be used after repairs, or when there is no necessity to use the vehicle for a certain period, because of overseas travel, there will be a notification period of 2 years.

2. Permanent Non-use Notification

In cases where a vehicle is lost or severely damaged to the extent that it cannot be repaired for future use, it is advisable to proceed with this notification if you still wish to retain the original registration plate.

Renewing vehicle tax is something that car owners must do every year to ensure that their vehicles can be legally operated on the roads. 

If a vehicle is left untaxed for more than 3 years, its registration will be suspended, and the registration cannot be used anymore. Therefore, if a car is not going to be used for a long time or is left parked without any action, and you don't want to risk missing the tax or facing backdated tax collection, it is recommended to proceed with the “stop-using car” notification.

Documents required for notifying the non-use of a vehicle:
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Copy of house registration and ID card. In the case of a juristic person, use the certificate of registration of the juristic person and copies of the ID cards of the authorised directors
  • Vehicle registration plates
  • Non-Use Notification form, filled out with details and signed
  • In cases where authorisation is given to another person to proceed with the process, a power of attorney along with the ID card of the authorised representative must be provided
Steps for notifying the non-use of a vehicle:
  • Submit a Non-Use Notification form along with supporting documents and vehicle registration plates
  • Pay the fee (25 baht per vehicle)
  • Receive a receipt and the vehicle registration certificate
  • If any taxes are overdue, settle the outstanding amount before proceeding
  • The vehicle tax registration must have at least 30 days remaining. If less than 30 days, the annual vehicle tax must be paid first

This process of notifying the non-use of a vehicle typically takes approximately 2 hours and does not require bringing the vehicle to the office.

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Where can you process the notification of non-use of a vehicle?
  • At transportation offices nationwide. If you wish to use the vehicle again after notifying about non-use, you can proceed with the process at the transportation office again.
How to bring a vehicle back into use after notifying non-use?

Documents required:

  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Identification document of the vehicle owner, such as ID card or certificate of registration for a juristic person
  • Vehicle tax sticker
  • Power of attorney, if not personally handling the process
Steps to bring a vehicle back into use after notifying non-use:
  • You can proceed to the transportation office by following these steps at the two service points:

Service point 1:

  • Submit the application and wait for processing
  • Office conducts vehicle inspection
  • Return of documents

Service point 2:

  • Receive application, verify supporting documents, process fee payment, issue receipt
  • Record transactions in the vehicle registry and registration certificate
  • Registrar reviews and signs
  • Complete transaction
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Is it possible to cancel a permanent non-use notification?

Cancellation of a permanent non-use notification is possible but may involve more complicated procedures, additional costs, and the necessity to register the vehicle anew. This is because once the vehicle's registration has been permanently notified as non-used, it cannot be reinstated for use with the same registration. All of these processes can be carried out at transportation offices nationwide.

Documents required for submitting a request to cancel a permanent non-use notification:
  • Original vehicle registration certificate (along with a copy)
  • National ID card (along with a copy) of the vehicle owner
  • Certificate of registration for juristic person (if applicable, with usage period not exceeding 6 months)
  • Copy of the ID card of the authorised signatory (for juristic persons)
  • Power of attorney along with a copy of the ID card of the authorised representative (in cases where the vehicle owner cannot personally proceed with the process, attach a revenue stamp worth 10 baht)
  • Evidence of insurance coverage in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act B.E. 2535
Fees for cancelling a permanent non-use notification:
  • Registration fee for a new vehicle registration: 315 baht
  • Vehicle registration certificate: 100 baht
  • Vehicle registration plates: 100 baht per plate
  • Annual tax rate for each type of vehicle
  • Vehicle inspection fee: 50 baht for cars / 10 baht for motorcycles

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