Overtaking in a risky manner might cause accidents!

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It's undeniable that sometimes when driving, we may need to overtake to avoid obstacles or for urgent travel to our destination.

However, if we overtake without caution, it could lead to serious accidents. Therefore, before overtaking each time, it's advisable to check the side and rear-view mirrors carefully and signal your intention to overtake. Only when it's safe to do so, then you accelerate to overtake.

Situations and places where overtaking should not be done:

  • Do not overtake on the left pavement because it is close to the edge of the road. If driving at high speeds without proper control, it may lead to the vehicle sliding off the road. Additionally, there might be other vehicles parked or temporarily stopped on the pavement. Overtaking onto the pavement could result in collisions with these vehicles and pedestrians, potentially causing serious accidents.
  • Do not rush to overtake when you see that the vehicle in front of you is slowing down, as we cannot predict whether they are slowing down to let us overtake, indicating a turn coming up, or preparing to stop to allow pedestrians to cross or for other vehicles to exit a side street. Therefore, it's important to check the traffic situation ahead before rushing to overtake.
  • When driving upslope on steep hills or approaching blind curves where the destination is not visible due to the steepness of the hill and the angle of view, it may prevent us from seeing cars coming downhill from the other direction, and vehicles on the other side may not see us either. Therefore, in such driving situations, it is safer not to overtake.

In summary, it's advisable not to overtake on roads where you cannot clearly see the destination or there's no way to evade an approaching vehicle, and it's important to assess the situation carefully for any obstacles or abnormalities before attempting to overtake.

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Safety tips for overtaking:

  • Engage the appropriate gear and be ready for the overtaking manoeuvre..
  • Activate your turn signals to indicate your intention and check the rear-view mirror to ensure that no vehicles are already overtaking behind you.
  • When it's clear ahead, the front is open, and there are no vehicles overtaking from behind, change lanes and accelerate to overtake.
  • If a vehicle is approaching while you are overtaking, turn on your left turn signal to signal to the oncoming vehicle that you have seen them and are attempting to return to your original lane.
  • When returning to the original lane, do not cut in too closely to the vehicle you just overtook.. Leave enough space for yourself and the other vehicle.

All drivers should consider traffic rules and drive responsibly at all times to reduce the risk of accidents on the road. In some situations, drivers should also show kindness towards each other to foster a better driving community.

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