Can Electric Cars be Washed?

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Will Electric Cars be damaged by water when washed? We all know from school that water and high voltage electronics do not mix. Let Motorist answer all the questions you may have about this topic!

Put your mind at ease, because electric cars, or EVs for short, can be washed and cleaned just like regular gasoline-powered cars. However, you should take some additional precautions to minimise the chances of potential damage that could occur.

Here are some key things to take note of, categorised based on the type of car wash! 

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1. Washing an Electric Car at a Car Care Service

All modern cars go through rigorous R&D, which ensures all critical components are properly sealed from the elements. So you do not have to worry about damage to your vehicle when washing a car with this method. 

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2. Washing an Electric Car with a Drive Thru Service

You just need to make sure that your car has sufficient range and charge to drive through the wash. Once you have parked in the designated area, follow the instructions of the system and engage the P gear to lock the car or the N gear to prevent wheel lock. 

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3. Washing an Electric Car by Yourself

Prepare the necessary equipment. Think car wash solution, glass cleaner, foam wash, microfiber towels, and other essential items. Make sure your charge ports are securely sealed before washing. 

In summary, electric cars or EVs can be cleaned and washed like regular cars. Water should not be sprayed directly onto charging ports or other electronic components to prevent damage and potential problems.